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Alan Jones’ mystery talkback caller: who is Barbara?

Who is Barbara?Alan Jones received a call from an eccentric character, but is Barbara a real-life listener or a Barry Humphries protege chanelling the world’s favourite dame?
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Alan Jones must have thought he met his kindred spirit.

Finally, the long-haired, latte-sipping, quinoa-eating, over-educated, under-appreciating yahoos of Sydney had met their match.

Their biggest crime? Booing former Liberal prime ministers at Gough Whitlam’s funeral.

Incensed conservative warrior and talkback caller Barbara decided she had had enough when she called Alan Jones’ 2GB radio show on Thursday.

Armed with a cat and an Ocker-via-Oxford accent, Barbara took aim.

Kindred spirits: Barbara and Alan Jones Photo: Supplied

“Did you see those idiots booing our prime minister and John Howard and his wife as they went into the hall,” she said.

“I did,” Jones said. “Cheered Julia Gillard.”

“Yeah well that’d be right wouldn’t it,” said Barbara.

“Absolute disgrace, you see ’em there with their scarves and their soy lattes and their problems that they have with their university funding. Go out and get a job!”

Music to Jones’ ears, t’was.

But then Barbara went too far. Soy lattes are one thing, organic cookies are quite another.

“All our tax dollars are being munched up by them, they all look well fed too, with their organic cookies and their products they get from the bloody organic home-grown such and such, you know.”

Jones knew. Jones knew he was being had. “Brilliant,” he said. And so did Twitter.

This is brilliant satire. ‘Barbara’ (and her recidivist cat) take Alan Jones for a ride: https://t.co/M6OXMI7d6O

— Ben Doherty (@BenDohertyCorro) November 6, 2014But before everyone had too much fun, Barbara found the voice to take a couple more swipes.

“Who’s the little fat fella… the Palmer man… he’s okay, I don’t mind him but I think he needs to go on a diet,” she said.

All of it was too much for Jones, “Will you be my social commentator?” he asked.

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Fire bombers arrive at Stawell Airport

AS DRY conditions continue, emergency services staff in the Wimmera are making preparations earlier than usual for the coming fire season.
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Department of Environment and Primary Industries Wimmera Fire and Land District Manager Russell Manning said forecasts showed that parts of Victoria were at above average risk of bushfire and grassfire this summer.

“With the dry conditions and at least a dozen fires already this spring, we have brought forward some of our annual arrangements to ensure we are fully prepared.

“This week at DEPI Horsham 15 new project fire fighters are undertaking general firefighter training, which has included instructions in bushfire management, equipment use, safe work practices and a range of other fire operational activities.

“They will be fully trained and accredited ready for fire work in coming weeks.”

Mr Manning said with the fire danger period commencing on Tuesday, fire lookout observers had now commenced work at Mt Arapiles, Mt Bepcha near Rocklands, Reids in the Grampians and Big Hill at Stawell.

CFA and DEPI have secured their fire aircraft earlier than usual this season. Mr Manning said two fixed wing fire bombers would be located at Stawell, a Firebird helicopter at Horsham and a fire spotter plane will also be located at Stawell.

“Given the dry conditions, the early start to harvest and the number of fires already this season, we are well prepared,” Mr Manning said.

“The helicopter will arrive four weeks earlier than usual enabling the two specially trained hover exit teams, which are flown in to remote fire locations, to be trained about a month ahead of schedule,” he said.

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Northern Grampians Shire supports Walk to School program

NORTHERN Grampians Shire Council is working with primary schools once again to coordinate the 2014 Walk to School activities, after receiving funding from VicHealth.
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Cr Karen Hyslop from the Northern Grampians Shire Council joins Meagan and her sons Brandon and Dillon McCaliff.

Walk to School is a VicHealth initiative and is a month of activity that encourages primary students across Victoria to walk to and from school as often as possible throughout October.

Councillor Karen Hyslop said VicHealth’s Walk to School month highlights the benefits of walking for children, such as improving fitness, friendships, their confidence and the environment.

“Northern Grampians Shire Council is delighted to be part of this important initiative and will assist the participating schools with their activities during October,” she said.

“Last year we had one local school participate in the Walk to School program, this year we have four and we are very happy to have the Skene Street School on board.

“We want to encourage more kids to walk, scoot or ride in the shire because exercise is fantastic for children’s health and reduces the environmental impacts associated with driving.”

Brothers Brandon and Dillon McCaliff, who attend Skene Street and 502 schools respectively, will both be participating in this year’s program.

The boys’ mum Meagan said her family had moved from Melbourne and were excited to be taking part in the Walk to School event.

“This is a great program for us to be a part of. When we lived in Melbourne there is no way my children would have been able to walk to school,” she said.

By getting involved in the program, schools will be helping students learn healthy habits and achieve the 60 minutes of physical activity recommended for children each day.

All participating schools will receive student certificates to celebrate their students’ achievements, and will be in the running for regional prizes provided by VicHealth.

VicHealth CEO Jerril Rechter said children who walk to and from school build healthy lifelong habits, become more familiar with their neighbourhoods and make new friends with other local children.

“Unfortunately, Australian children are now among the world’s least active. In the 1960s, one in 20 children were obese and today it’s one in four,” she said.

“One of the first steps to combatting this concerning trend is to encourage kids to walk as often as they can, particularly walking to and from school.

“Last year, 30,000 students from more than 300 primary schools in Victoria joined us for Walk to School, walking more than 410,000 kilometres in total and with our schools from Northern Grampians Shire Council on board, we hope to exceed those numbers this year.”

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Palmer rejects Lambie’s Remembrance Day protest

Clive Palmer says he doesn’t support Jacqui Lambie’s call for soldiers to hijack Remembrance Day ceremonies and turn their backs on government MPs in protest against their meagre pay rise.
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But Senator Lambie did not retreat on Thursday and said Palmer United would block legislation in the Senate in protest, despite leader Mr Palmer saying her individual opinions were not the party’s policy.

The RSL, government and opposition have condemned Senator Lambie for trying to score political points on one of the Australia’s most solemn days.

And in a sign of division within the PUP camp, Mr Palmer has also distanced himself from the idea.

“No, but I understand the anguish that servicemen feel for the way they’ve been treated,” he responded when asked by Fairfax Media’s Breaking Politics if he would back his Senator’s protest.

“It’s not something I would do. Senator Lambie’s free to do what she does, she’s elected by the people of Tasmania to represent their interests,” Mr Palmer said.

“She’s got a particular understanding of the veterans community having served this nation for over 15 years in a uniform, something that very few journalists have ever done, so I think we’d be loathed to criticise others,” he said.

But he stressed that Senator Lambie’s ideas were not PUP policy.

“Individual members can say what they like whether they’re right or wrong and we’ll discuss it in the partyroom and the policy will be determined, she’s never gone against our policy, she’s always voted in Parliament with the team,” he said.

Senator Lambie did not back down on Thursday and went further and threatened to block the goverment’s legislation in the Senate during the final three sitting weeks if the pay rise was not increased.

“I can tell you we’re doing our own protest up there, Palmer United Party, I see a lot of legislation that’ll be coming up from the House and going back,” she warned.

“It’ll be a game of tennis so I think this is the straw that broke the camel’s back for Palmer United, we’ve had all but enough of it,” she told Sydney Radio 2UE.

The RSL said Senator Lambie’s protest idea was an insult to the Australia’s war dead, who are honoured in a bipartisan fashion on November 11.

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Fashions and fun at the races:a decade of photos

The fashion labels may observe a fashion week each year, but around regional Australia, the week of the Melbourne Cup Races is fashion week.
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The Glitz, the glamour…fascinators, finery and elegant hats… you’ll see all of that and more on display are regional race tracks aroudn the country at this time of year. In Goulburn, the big event isthe Girls Day Out race meeting – held on the Saturday after Melbourne Cup Day.

Until 2009, Goulburn used to celebrate their major fashionin the field event on Melbourne Cup Day in conjunction with a local race meeting on Cup Day.

This year marks the fifthyear of Girls Day Out. To commemorate the day, we’ve assembled the last ten years worth of social galleries of Melbourne Cup day Socials and Girls Day Out pics.

Darryl Fernance will be there once again snapping away, but if you’re going to Girls Day Out, we’d love to see your pics and videos too. Use the hashtag #GoulburnGDO and we’ll assemble your pics next week. but for now, enjoy these photos. You may well be in them!

Click on any of the links below to access the relevantgallery.

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Growers key to food bowl plan

Supporting the brand: Beth and Hayden McMillan at their Burrawong Gaian poultry farm A NEW logo and branding strategy aimed at positioning and showcasing the Macleay Valley as a source of high quality food produce was launched this week.
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The launch was at the Mid North Coast Food Forum, held at Bonville Golf Course on Monday.

The ‘Macleay Valley Food Bowl’ logo is a registered trademark and was commissioned by Kempsey Shire Council as part

of its Agribusiness Project.

It is one of 10 strategies aimed at strengthening high-value agriculture in the Macleay.

Created by local designer Natalie Barnes, the logo promotes the geographic location of the Macleay Valley on a map of Australia.

The Macleay Valley Food Bowl logo designed by Natalie Barnes.

Council is liaising with local producers to encourage them to incorporate the brand on their own packaging to provide the Macleay with a stronger presence and strategic advantage in interstate markets.

Large scale intensive horticulture business Green Leaf Farm, located at Clybucca, has welcomed the opportunity.

It is incorporating the logo on 30,000 cartons used to transport summer vegetables to markets in Sydney,

Melbourne and Brisbane.

Other local quality producers including Burrawong Gaian poultry farm and Macleay Valley Rabbits have welcomed

the proposal.

Council invites any other producers interested in taking up the opportunity to get in touch with council’s Economic Sustainability Unit.

“Over the next few months, we will be speaking with other major food producers and processors to promote this opportunity for us to collaborate to promote the Macleay,” said council’s Economic Sustainability manager Susannah Smith.

“Council is keen to form a strong alliance with its local food producers and give the Macleay stronger identity and strategic advantage in what is a growing and competitive marketplace.”

Developing growth in the agribusiness sector through high-value crop and livestock production was a significant

economic development strategy, she said.

“The economic data shows us that the Macleay has significant room for growth in this sector compared with our neighbours, which is great news for our economy and community,” Ms Smith said.

“Growth in agriculture takes us back to our community’s roots and the next 12 to 24 months will be an exciting new phase in our economic focus as we implement strategies aimed at growing wealth and jobs for the Macleay, with flow-on benefits to our retail, services and other sectors.”

Co-branding the Macleay Valley Food Bowl logo is the first strategy for exposure, with council planning a range of other uses.

“The brand has value in not only promoting the Macleay as a fresh food location, but in creating a stronger sense of identity and allegiance amongst local industry operators,” Ms Smith said.

“We also hope this promotion stimulates consumer demand for local fresh food and the second phase of our strategy will see us working closely with local restaurants, cafes and retailers to pledge their commitment to using as much local produce as possible and carrying the logo on their menus and in their businesses.”

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Halls Gap Film Festival opens tonight

THE HALLS Gap Film Festival will open tonight in the Halls Gap Centenary Hall.
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After starting in 1979, now in its 35th year, the Halls Gap Film Festival is once again set to amaze its guests with an impressive array of popular films over the three days of the festival.

The festival opens tonight with the official launch of the 35th event and the screening of the opening film, at 7pm.

Good news for movie goers is that there is free admission to all movies being screened over the duration of the festival.

Tomorrow will see the screening of three films and the festival concludes on Sunday with the screening of two films.

Tonight’s feature movie is the 1982 Peter Weir directed – The Year of Living Dangerously.

Mel Gibson, Sigourney Weaver star in The Year of Living Dangerously.

With Mel Gibson, Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hunt, it depicts an Australian journalist in Jakarta, who becomes involved with an embassy secretary and another journalist/photographer.

They become embroiled in political events transpiring in Indonesia at the time leading up to Suharto’s regime.

Tomorrow’s screenings will open at 10am with the screening of The Dawn Patrol, a remake of Howard Hawk’s 1930 film depicting a beleaguered aerial squadron in France in WW1.

The 1984 movie The Philadelphia Experiment, starring Michael Pare, Nancy Allen, Eric Christmas and Bobby Di Cicco will screen at 2pm.

It is a science fiction adventure based on the real life conspiracy theory of the ‘Philadelphia Experiment. In 1943 a US Navy destroyer escort disappeared from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and sent two men 40 years into the future in 1984.

The final movie tomorrow will be at 7pm with the screening of the Australian film X.

A high class escort and fledging hooker are involved in seedy clubs, strip joints and the back alleys of Kings Cross. If they get through the night, they might have a chance for a fresh start.

Sunday’s screenings will open with the documentary at 10am and then the final screening of the festival will be Risky Business, starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca DeMornay at 1pm. See what happens when a teenage boy full of hormones is left alone at home in the 1980s.

Information in relation to this weekend’s film festival is available on 0438 585 511 or email [email protected]南京夜网.au

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Mount Panorama or Wahluu? Bathurst council backs dual naming by a single vote

THUMBS UP: Bathurst Regional Council has backed dual naming Mount Panorama “Wahluu”.BATHURST Regional Council has come within a single vote of withdrawing its support for plans to dual name the iconic Mount Panorama in recognition of the area’s original inhabitants.
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The Geographical Names Board is considering a formal request from the Bathurst Local Aboriginal Lands Council for the dual naming of Mount Panorama as “Wahluu” to recognise the land’s original owners.

The GNB has sought public opinion on the proposal and has also asked council to state its position.

And while it had been generally accepted that council was backing the plan, the issue had not been debated within the council chamber before Wednesday night’s policy committee meeting.

Councillors were asked at the meeting to settle on a position to be forwarded to the GNB and support for the plan just scraped through with a 4-3 vote.

Councillors Bobby Bourke, Warren Aubin and Michael Coote voted against supporting the dual naming proposal, with Cr Bourke saying he wanted to hear more from the public before taking a position.

“As a council making a submission to the GNB, it’s very important we get this right,” he said.

“I’m not for or against the idea at this stage, but I know the community is very concerned with anything to do with Mount Panorama and I don’t think we’ve had the input that we need yet.

“I would like to hear from both sides putting forward their arguments for and against this, but it looks to me like the decision has been taken out of our hands.”

Cr Aubin said the feedback he’d received from the community suggested Bathurst did not support the dual naming while Cr Coote, who had previously stated his opposition to the proposal, said the plan had been sprung on councillors out of the blue.

“One of the reasons I spoke out was because I only heard about this three months ago during a working party when the general manager mentioned it,” he said. “I was dumbfounded.”

But Cr Monica Morse led the case for supporting the dual naming, saying it was a chance to recognise indigenous culture as the region prepares for its bicentenary next year.

Cr Morse said council must accept it had not done a good job of communicating the ramifications of dual naming Mount Panorama which had led to unwarranted concerns among motor racing fans, in particular.

“I think we haven’t been very good at explaining that the Mount Panorama racing track will not change,” Cr Morse said.

“If we look at the rules for dual naming we see that it does not apply to infrastructure, roads, bridges or other built features.

“So the circuit, the pits and everything associated with motor racing will retain that much-treasured name of Mount Panorama.”

But Cr Morse said Mount Panorama, as a geographical feature, was much more than just a race track and it was the whole area that would carry the dual name of Wahluu.

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Coopers Brewery profits dive as Australians turn away from keg beer

Total keg beer sales in 2013-14 dropped by 1.5 per cent in 2013-14, while packaged beer sales increased by 10.3 per cent. Photo: David Mariuz Total keg beer sales in 2013-14 dropped by 1.5 per cent in 2013-14, while packaged beer sales increased by 10.3 per cent. Photo: David Mariuz
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Total keg beer sales in 2013-14 dropped by 1.5 per cent in 2013-14, while packaged beer sales increased by 10.3 per cent. Photo: David Mariuz

Total keg beer sales in 2013-14 dropped by 1.5 per cent in 2013-14, while packaged beer sales increased by 10.3 per cent. Photo: David Mariuz

Australia’s third-largest beer group Coopers Brewery has suffered a 9.1 per cent decline in after-tax profits to $28 million for 2013-14 and managing director Dr Tim Cooper is forecasting a likely flat result this financial year as a shift away from keg beer continues.

“We make more money on the keg beer than we do on packaged beer,” Dr Cooper said on Thursday.

But he’s reluctant to sheet all the blame home to the rising power of the national retail chains of Woolworths and Coles, suggesting that it is changing preferences of drinkers that is more of an influence rather than a clawing away of more of the profit pie by the big liquor chains.

“I don’t think we can particularly lay it at the door of the national retailers,” Dr Cooper said.

Coopers, which is owned by 143 shareholders, most of them descendants of the founding Cooper family in Adelaide, increased turnover by 6.9 per cent to $231 million in 2013-14.

But net profit after tax slipped by 9.1 per cent from $30.8 million to $28 million, with the costs of installing a second bottling line at its Regency Park plant in Adelaide also hitting the bottomline.

Coopers increased its national market share slightly to just under 5 per cent in 2013-14, in a total beer market which declined for the fifth year in a row for all players across Australia.

Dr Cooper said it had been tough going for all beer companies in Australia in the first few months of 2014-15. “We had a poor month in August as did the others,” he said.

At this point in the new financial year, profits were tracking at about the same as they were 12 months earlier.

“We’re virtually line ball with last year,” he said.

Dr Cooper said the gradual shift away from keg beer in the Australian market was a trend that was continuing, with drinkers preferring to buy packaged beer for consumption at home rather than risk running foul of drink-driving laws by drinking more at pubs and bars.

He said Coopers sold about 20 per cent of its total beer volumes through kegs now, and this compared with 30 per cent in the early 1990s.

Total keg beer sales in 2013-14 dropped by 1.5 per cent in 2013-14, while packaged beer sales increased by 10.3 per cent.

Sales in Coopers’ home State of South Australia declined by 0.8 per cent during the year, while its best growth was in Victoria where sales were up by 15.3 per cent. Victoria now represents 17.1 per cent of Coopers’ total sales.

Sales in Queensland jumped by 14.4 per cent and in Western Australia they climbed by 12 per cent. In NSW, sales improved by 8.2 per cent, with that market making up 26 per cent of Coopers’s volume, second behind SA.

Coopers is the last remaining big Australian-owned beer company. Carlton & United Breweries, the maker of Victoria Bitter, was bought out by global conglomerate SABMiller in a 2011 takeover of Foster’s Group.

Lion’s beer operations, which make XXXX, Tooheys and West End, are now part of the broader Lion dairy, beer and juice conglomerate after the company was taken over by Japan’s Kirin Corporation in 2009. Lion made a $420 million takeover bid for Coopers in 2005, but it was blocked by the family in a bitter battle.

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Hybrid Wallabies ready for fresh start under Michael Cheika

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CARDIFF: The Wallabies believe a “hybrid” style which combines the NSW Waratahs game plan with the best attributes from rival Super Rugby teams can deliver international success.

And coach Michael Cheika has thrown the challenge down to players on the fringes to show they want a spot in the starting team, declaring the entire squad gets to start with a clean slate.

The Wallabies will attempt to extend their nine-match winning streak against Wales when they clash at Millennium Stadium on Sunday.

It’s also a chance to inflict a psychological blow to Wales less than a year before the two teams meet again in the World Cup pool stages.

But Cheika is focused only on his team’s development, using flanker Sean McMahon’s rise from obscurity as the example of how players can force their way into the Test team.

“[McMahon] got an opportunity and he took it. He wasn’t scared to carry the ball or get involved and be aggressive,” Cheika said.

“It’s not complicated, sometimes it’s about taking the opportunity given to you. I’m eager to reward that type of mentality, not as a gift or charity, but as an opportunity to really start now.”

Cheika has put faith in the Wallabies who pushed the world champion All Blacks within seconds of defeat three weeks ago, retaining the bulk of the squad from Ewen McKenzie’s last game in charge.

Cheika has been trying to leave his mark on the Wallabies, but has had just seven training sessions to do so since being appointed as coach.

The hard task master says that’s no excuse for a slow performance against Wales, and five-eighth Bernard Foley hopes the Waratahs’ Super Rugby success and transfer to the Test arena.

“It’s my first start in Europe and there are a lot of new things to learn,” NSW playmaker Bernard Foley said.

“You’re never comfortable, there is some familiarity with Cheik’s training regime. But we haven’t imported the whole game plan from the Waratahs.

“It’s very much a hybrid and using the strengths of all the other provinces as well. There’s been a lot of new learning for all of us and the pick-up has been phenomenal.”

McMahon’s Test debut caps a remarkable first year of professional rugby.

The Melbourne Rebels flanker cancelled a holiday in Mexico to join the Wallabies in Europe, adding to a year which includes captaining the Australian junior team, winning a Commonwealth Games bronze medal and being named Australia’s Super Rugby rookie of the year.

“I’m pretty stoked at the moment, the nerves are kicking in a little bit, but it’s more excitement than anything,” McMahon said.

“I’m looking forward to the weekend really … I’m just going to go out there and do my job, use the experience and learning I’ve got from the past couple of weeks to get me through.”

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