August, 2019

Dob in a druggie anonymously

DRUG BUSTERS: Far South Coast Local Area Command’s senior constable David Bates and Inspector Mick MacPherson are preparing for Operation Bauds, which will give residents the opportunity to inform police about drug offenders.Ifyou are a user of illegal drugs, November might be a bad month.
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Far South Coast Local Area Command police will launch Operation Bauds, where Eurobodalla and Bega Valley residents can ‘dob in druggie, anonymously’ next Monday. The operation will run until the end of the month.

Acting FSC LAC Inspector and crime manager Mick MacPherson said the operation would target illicit drug offences, whether it be dealing, use, cultivation or manufacturing.

“Drugs have a massive ripple effect on the greater community,” he said.

“People with information can ring our special line on 4478 9937, and leave their report anonymously on an answering machine.

“Any information will be treated with the strictest confidence.”

A police spokesman said drug use caused trauma for families and financial hardship as well as health and social issues.

“There is the tying up of police, ambulance, hospitals and courts and the crimes that people are likely to commit to support their habit and because their behaviour is affected,” he said.

Mr MacPherson said the opportunity to report drug matters anonymously would appeal to many.

“Anonymity is always a good thing, and that is why Crime Stoppers has been so successful,” he said.

He said it did not matter how trivial something seemed; the police want to know about it.

“Anything can be of value, and significant in the long run,” he said.

Drug matters can still be reported directly to police officers and to Crime Stoppers.

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Film review: Interstellar

Trailers have given away little about this film, other than “Matthew McConaughey goes to space to save dusty world”.Interstellar
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(M) 3.5 out 5

Director: Christopher Nolan.

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, David Gyasi, Wes Bentley, Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain, John Lithgow.

FILM-MAKERS have long tried to predict the future.

One of the most intriguing of these sci-fi predictions is 2001: A Space Odyssey – a film that’s now confusingly set in the past -and it is the obvious reference point for Christopher Nolan’s own attempt at prophetic cinema.

Just as 2001 wanted to explore the possibilities of space and beyond, Interstellar aims to go to the final frontier and further, all the while exploring the nature of humanity and the unknowns of the universe.

Even the structures of the two films are similar, which makes it even harder to avoid these comparisons – it’s impossible not to think of Interstellar as Nolan’s Space Odyssey.

As such,this filmis incredibly ambitious,even for the director who took us into a dream inside a dream inside a dream with relative ease. However, this might bea starbridgetoo far.

As fascinating and scientifically intriguing as it is, Interstellar asks a lot of the viewer in terms of endurance (it’s almost three hours long) and whether you will buy into the plot twists that come with its cosmic destination. And after just one viewing it’snot immediately obvious how successful it is.

The film spends the first hour on Earth sometime in the possibly not-too-distant future, where climate change has wiped out billions of people and ruined most of the world’s crops, leaving the planet a dusty husk of its former self.

Among the farmers struggling to keep the world’s mouths fed is Cooper (McConaughey), a former test pilot who turns to corn farming after the government shuts down non-essential programs, and while he still secretly yearns for the adventures of his youth, Cooper is mostly content to raise his two kids.

That is until some weird happenings in the family home inadvertently lead him into space as part of a mission to find a new home on a new planet in order to save what remains of humanity.

Obviously there are some major plot points removed from this synopsis, but you’re better off not knowing them and just enjoying the surprises. Nolan’s typical secrecy meant the trailers gave away little about this film in the lead up other than “McConaughey goes to space to save dusty world” and that’s one thing of the key things Interstellar has going for it – it’s a journey into the unknown for the characters and audience alike.

But is it an enjoyable one? That’s the question you might find yourself asking as you walk out of the cinema after three bum-numbing hours.

Interstellar is definitely fascinating. It’s filled with amazing ideas, stunning visuals, great performances, and what is apparently a level of scientific theory that’s interesting if you’re so inclined.

But after all this brain fodder and some genuinely awe-inspiring moments we finally reach the third act – and it’s a long time coming – the story takes a turn that will either leave you tearing up your ticket or glued to your seat.

My initial reaction was the former but the more the film went on and the more I think about the film in the hours since watching it, the more I am willing to forgive it. Maybe. To be honest I’m still undecided.

And that’s the general feeling I’m left with after seeing Interstellar – a sensation of indecision.

Large parts of the film are stunning, such as the depictions of blackholes, wormholes and space travel, but other bits are not so great, such as some of the dialogue, the lack of characterisation, and that plot twist. There are questions unanswered – some deliberately so but some seemingly ignored – and while this does make me want to watch it again to dig a little deeper into the film, its length is kind of off-putting. At the same time, the fact that I’m still thinking about it so much is probably a positive.

Interstellar is ambitious, perhaps overly so, and it’s engaging and intriguing, perhaps at the expense of being truly entertaining. For now, the best I can say is that, yeah, it’s pretty cool and particularly impressive on the big screen but not quite the five-star classic that Inception or 2001: A Space Odyssey is.

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What’s On in Grenfell

Wednesday – November 5th
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Weddin Community Nursery (WCN) at Grenfell TAFE – all welcome – 9am

Martial Arts class – rear of IGA – 6.30pm

Playgroup – BLUE DAY – Grenfell Public School Hall Call Emma: 63431717

Royal Far West Meeting – 22 Rose Street 2pm

Local Health Meeting – 6pm Multi Purpose Service (MPS)

Thursday – November 6th

Leisure Group – Uniting Church Hall 10am – 12noon ALL WELCOME

Friday – November 7th

Indoor Bowls – Grenfell Bowling Club – 7pm

Swimming Club – 6pm Grenfell Swimming Pool

Twilight Golf – 5pm Country Club

Adult Survivors of Child Abuse – Cowra Local Support Group at 12:30pm. Open to all survivors in the community. If interested contact Pascale on 6342 1612.

Sunday -November 9th

Social Golf – Country Club – from 8am

Museum Open – Camp St – (between Fire Station and Council Chambers) – 2pm-4pm

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The Tremolos reunite for free concert

The Tremolos formed in 1964 and were a big hit amongst the Grenfell Community performing at many different functions and events over a period spanning approximately two years.
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The band members consisted of Ronnie Plant lead guitar, Noel Cartwright rhythm guitar, Andrea Ladlow (Virtue) piano and vocals, Robert Farrell bass guitar and Barry Virtue drums.

The Tremolo Band played a good variety of music from The Beatles to Old Time Waltzes.

This November the band will reunite for a single event at the Grenfell Bowling Club on November 15, 2014, entry is free and there will be a Courtesy Bus running with other attractions such as Lucky Door prize and spot dancing, the night is designed to be a fun night for the whole family to enjoy.

There will be a smorgasbord meal with bookings essential by ringing the Club on 02 6343 1656 or you can order a Counter meal from the Rinks restaurant.

The music will kick off at around 8pm, so for a fun, night of music and memories make your booking today, entry to the Club is free and children are most welcome.

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Netball coup for the Storm

STAR TEAM: Shellie Davies, Aleisha Langdon, Tracy Wilson, Mali Roberts, Glen Cowling, Sandy Truscott, Jodie Bouwmeester and Zenda McConnell.
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THE Strathfieldsaye Football Netball Club has pulled off a coup, securing the coaching talents of netball identity Zenda McConnell for the 2015 season.

McConnell, a legend of the White Hills Football Netball club, has decided to take up the Storm’s 17-and-under coaching position.

A coach for the past 25 years, McConnell has led the Demons to three A-grade premierships.

She has also been a Northern Central region 15-and-under squad team selector for the past two years.

“Zenda’s appointment is reflective of the importance the club sees on building a strong future and culture within the club,”Strathfieldsaye president Glen Cowling said.

“Appointing experienced coaches is only the first of many initiatives the club is adopting.

“The 17-and-under grade is the future of the club and it requires the same importance as our senior grades.”

Mali Roberts has been reappointed coach of the A-grade team.

This season the Storm’s senior team missed out on finals, finishing with six wins and 12 losses.

The 2015 Bendigo Football Netball League season will be her second year as head coach of the Storm.

Players Shellie Davies and Sarah Hill will step up next season, also taking on coaching roles.

Hill will be an assistant to McConnell with the junior team.

Jodie Bouwmeester will also become a development coach, while the B-grade team will be led by Aleisha Langdon and B-reserve team by Sandy Truscott.

Next season the club will also introduce two development teams.

The club willhost trials for its 17-and-under teams on November 16, 19 and 24 if required.

The sessions will be held at Flight Centre Park on Tannery Lane at 5.30pm.

Expression of interest forms are available on the Strathfieldsaye FNC website.

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